About us

Our mission

At Happy V Planet, we care about our planet as well as all living beings that share it. We are a team of vegans and vegetarians from around the world who are equally passionate about healthy food and about animal welfare.

The Happy V products are created with a spirited concern for quality and an unshakable and heartfelt desire to nourish and benefit our world. They boast unique textures, super versatile flavors, and are made with a consciousness of compassion for all beings.

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Long story short

Long before reaching an international market, Happy V Planet started in 2006 with one family’s enthusiasm for making Bologna sausage and hot dogs from seitan for their own pleasure, at a time when veganism was largely unheard of.

Since then our family hasn’t stopped growing. Today we are making more than 25 tons of wheat gluten sausages, patés and ‘chicken’-bites each month, while ever striving to improve our products and techniques. Our aim is to benefit our planet and nourish the world ... All that we do, we try to do with love.

Our method

Happy V products are made from seitan. To prepare it we use the traditional Hand Washing Method of preparation, which means making raw gluten from scratch. It consists of washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch granules have been removed, leaving the sticky, elastic mass of gluten, which is then being added to the recipe.

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What matters

  • Positive impact on the planet
  • Natural ingredients
  • Good for you
  • Great for animals