Happy V Planet lands in Italy collaborating with PlantaBox®

On a mission to deliver plant-based products throughout Europe

¡¡Ciao Italia!!

We are super happy to announce our arrival to Italy with our friends from PlantaBox®. They are featuring two of our 100% plant-based smoked sausages in their subscription boxes.

PlantaBox® is the first Italian e-commerce monthly subscription service that delivers plant-based meat and dairy alternatives direct to the consumer.

On a mission to deliver high-quality plant-based products, the Italian e-commerce service features new products each month sourced from European artisans and companies. The goal is to deliver to its customers the tastiest and most versatile plant-based options to help reduce the consumption of animal-based products, support the environment, and collaborate with like-minded businesses.

For its first box, PlantaBox® partnered with Happy V Planet choosing one of their smoked sausages made from wheat protein (gluten): Happy V Smoked Salami is a plant-based version of a classic Salami, its firm texture and amazing smokey taste will surprise you.
Its twin sister with a little spicier flavor, Happy V Pepperoni will follow in their second subscription box shipping in September 2021.

About the choice of including Happy V Planet products into their box, Mike Scotto co-founder of PlantaBox® stated:

«With Plantabox our focus is to bring people the best plant-based meats and cheeses from all over Europe, giving our customers the chance to taste, for the first time, some high-quality niche products that they probably haven't tried yet. After discovering Happy V Planet smoked sausages we absolutely wanted to feature their products in our first box because we recognized the value of their 100% plant-based meat, so rich in protein. Also, Plantabox completely aligns with Alex Golovin's — Happy V Planet founder — mission of promoting healthy eating, animal welfare and conscious lifestyle.»


About PlantaBox®

Founded in 2021 in Italy by husband and wife duo Mike and Ashley Scotto, Plantabox is the first Italian service that discovers, curates & delivers plant-based meats and cheeses directly to the consumer. The founders, noticing the benefits of a predominantly plant-based diet, made the drastic decision to eliminate meat and dairy from their diet. Their next mission was to look for valid alternatives and to their great surprise, they found a lot of plant-based products. There are 500+ plant-based meat and cheese products in Europe alone. But it required hours of research and discovery because the average supermarket carries a limited number of options; unlikely to carry products from small, artisanal companies. That is how Plantabox came to life: Plantabox is a service dedicated to everyone (vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, omnivores, etc) and its mission is to give access to as many plant-based meat and cheese options as possible.

The company launched its first box in August 2021 and it currently ships to Italy.

Contacts: info@getplantabox.com