Vegan Pepperoni Taco

Greetings! We are so happy to share with you the first video of a series of recipes with an amazing chef Ali. Today we will be making delicious plant based tacos with Happy V Pepperoni.

timerPrep time: 20 min
room_serviceServings: 3


1/3 Happy V Planet smoked Pepperoni sausage
3 corn tortillas
10 cherry tomatoes
1 lime
1 purple onion
Tomato chutney
Chipotle emulsion
Salt & pepper
Extra virgin olive oil


Onion Salad
  1. Chop cherry tomatoes, purple onion (already peeled and cut in half), coriander and put in a glass bowl.
  2. «Slap» bunch of coriander on the board and rip into a glass bowl.
  3. Chop lime in half, squeeze juice into bowl.
  4. Add molten salt with hand, grind fresh black pepper, add extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.
    Combine all and toss gently.
Pepperoni taco
  1. Cut pepperoni thickly.
  2. Adjust the charcoal grill to medium low flame.
  3. Add the tortillas and slices of pepperoni. Grill for 1-2 min each side.
  4. Fill the taco with tomato chutney, chipotle emulsion, grilled pepperoni and onion salad.
  5. Decorate with some watercress and VOILÁ! Bon Appétit!